New Greek minister of Defense allegedly among the guests of a wedding hosted by a Russian oligarch?


New Greek minister of National Defense Panos Kammenos is allegedly connected with Russian oligarch Konstantin Maloveef as it seems very possible that they have recently met in a wedding.

Bulgarian analyst Christo Gorcev has just published a list of 90 Greek guests of Maloveef and the Greek minister of National Defence together with his family is included. Additionally, the list includes the name of Thodoros Rousopoulos, an ex-minister closely related to the former prime minister Kostas Karamanlis.

According to Gorcev, these are Maloveef words (22 October 2014) about this meeting:

''Sanctions are a very stupid instrument and only Obama and his administration can believe in the power of their effect. They did nothing to my business. What they did, though, was prevent me from travelling. I cant go to vacation in the Alps. This past weekend, a Greek friend asked me to be a Best Man at his wedding. So I was forced to bring him along with 90 Greeks to me, and organize his wedding here, as I couldn’t go to him. These are the effects of sanctions for me…''
Who is Maloveef? Have a look at his description in the official European document about sanctions against Russia:

Read the full story of Christo Gorcev. It's not yet clear whether the wedding took place in Crimea or near Moscow.

There is no official statement made by Mr.Kammenos or any other Greek from the list so far. If these documents prove to be original, is it possible for the Greek minister to remain in the government?

Kammenos was one of the very few European politicians who announced his full support on Putin's action in Crimaia. He is now the leader of Independent Greeks, a far-right party who has formed a coalition-government with SYRIZA of Alexis Tsipras.

Can a minister of a NATO/EU country casually accept such an invitation with no political cost? It remains to be seen.

Last update: 31/1/2015